Titleist TSi2 Driver Review

titleist tsi2 driver review

Hello fellow golf enthusiasts! I’m Ronald Paul, a seasoned golfer with a wealth of experience and numerous prestigious golf awards under my belt. For years, I’ve been sharing my golfing insights on the NVM Golf blog, offering readers a glimpse into the world of golf from a passionate player’s viewpoint. Today, let’s delve into the exciting realm of the Titleist TSi2 driver review and explore the valuable knowledge it brings to the golfing arena.


ConstructionTitleist Speed Chassis
MaterialUltra-Thin Titanium Crown
Head Size460cc
Lofts Options9.0°, 10.0°, 11.0°
Standard Lie58.5°
ShapeModern Aero
FaceATI 425 (Military-/Aerospace-Grade Titanium Alloy)
Adjustable HoselSureFit Hosel
Adjustable WeightSureFit Flat Weight

Looks: A Golfer’s Eye View

As I set my eyes on the TSi2 driver, the familiar elongated round shape captivates my attention, reminiscent of its predecessor, the TS2. The gloss black crown, adorned only by a subtle “TSi” alignment aid, contributes to a wonderfully square setup at address. The matte finish Mitsubishi Kura Kage shaft not only enhances the overall aesthetics but also adds to the club’s sharp and appealing look.

For players seeking incredible speed and accuracy across the entire surface of the face. Features a deeper, lower CG to maximize distance through Speed Optimized MOI design.

  • Head Size: 460cc
  • Available Lofts: 9.0°, 10.0°, 11.0°
titleist tsi2 driver review

Upon closer inspection, the face of the TSi2 unveils a unique texture in the center section. Running my finger across it left a temporary mark, but to my surprise, it easily wiped away with my thumb. This distinctive feature, paired with the stretched diamonds on the heel and toe, sets the TSi2 apart. The sole, with its clean and contemporary design, exudes a blend of colors and finishes, incorporating a strategically placed weight port that hints at the driver’s easy launch capabilities.

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Sound & Feel: Personal Observations

Titleist claims the TSi2 is “tuned to feel fast in your hands,” and my firsthand experience confirms this assertion. With each swing, a deep swoosh at the bottom imparts a sensation akin to muscle car acceleration. The addition of a ball introduces a staccato, somewhat metallic pop, resonating with mid-level tone and pitch. The consistent sound, matching the feedback in my hands, underscores the club head’s stability, irrespective of swing variations.

Performance: Numbers and Insights

Before we delve into performance, a quick note on swing speeds: variations are part of every golfer’s journey, and the TSi2 has proven to be a reliable companion regardless. The numbers don’t lie, showcasing a remarkable 1.49 average smash factor and precision in landing drives at the center of the fairway. The ATI 425 titanium face, a material hailing from military and aerospace applications, deserves credit for the robust ball speeds observed during my testing at Club Champion.

titleist tsi2 driver review

The TSi2’s forgiveness across the face is evident, with impact tape revealing consistent ball speeds even at varied contact points in the center section. This driver is a compelling choice for golfers seeking both power and accuracy, offering mid to mid-high launches with super consistent spin rates.

Pros and Cons: A Golfer’s Verdict


  • A confident and square setup at address
  • Impressive ball speeds, a testament to ATI 425 titanium face
  • Forgiveness across the face, promoting consistent performance
  • A satisfying and stable sound that resonates through the hands
  • Super consistent spin rates, ensuring predictability
  • Vertical stability in the face, adding to the overall control
  • Optimal mid to mid-high launch for versatile play
titleist tsi2 vs tsi3 driver review


  • The face shows ball marks relatively easily
  • The stock length of 45.5″ may be too long for some preferences
  • The elongated head shape might give the appearance of being oversized

What Is The Difference Between TSi2 And TSi3 Driver?

The TSi2 and TSi3 drivers differ primarily in their launch characteristics, forgiveness, and adjustability. The TSi2 driver is designed for golfers with slower swings and higher handicaps, offering a higher launch and enhanced forgiveness.

In contrast, the TSi3 driver is tailored for golfers with faster swings and lower handicaps, providing a lower launch while incorporating increased adjustability.

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Can the TSi2 driver be customized for shaft length preferences?

Yes, Titleist offers customization options, allowing golfers to choose their preferred shaft length. This ensures that the club aligns with individual preferences and playing styles.

Is the TSi2 driver suitable for both amateurs and professionals?

Absolutely. The TSi2’s combination of forgiveness and power makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of players, from amateurs looking to improve their game to seasoned professionals seeking a reliable and versatile driver.

How does the TSi2 driver handle off-center hits?

The TSi2’s forgiveness across the face is notable, providing consistent ball speeds even on off-center hits. This feature ensures that golfers experience reliable performance, even when the contact point varies.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Titleist TSi2 driver stands as a testament to innovation, combining aesthetics, feel, and performance in a way that resonates with golfers of various skill levels. As you embark on your golfing journey, consider the TSi2 as a worthy companion on the quest for power, precision, and an overall enjoyable golfing experience. Swing away, fellow golf enthusiasts!

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