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L.A.B Golf

L.A.B Golf is a reputable brand in the golf industry that specializes in producing high-performance putters. With a focus on innovation and technology, L.A.B Golf has gained recognition for its Directed Force putters, which offer golfers enhanced stability, improved alignment, and greater consistency on the greens. In this blog post, we will explore the world of L.A.B Golf, delving into its history, the technology behind the Directed Force putters, the range of putter models available, the fitting process, accessories, and the success of professional golfers who use L.A.B Golf putters. Discover how L.A.B Golf can elevate your putting game and help you sink more putts confidence with NVM Golf.

History of L.A.B Golf

Founding and Early Years

L.A.B Golf was founded by Bill Presse in 2013. The brand’s journey began with the goal of revolutionizing putter design and improving performance on the greens. Drawing upon his engineering background and passion for golf, Presse embarked on a mission to create putters that would provide golfers with a competitive edge.

L.A.B Golf Offical Website: https://labgolf.com/

L.A.B Golf Logo

Introduction of the Directed Force Putter

The breakthrough moment for L.A.B Golf came with the introduction of the Directed Force (DF) putter. This innovative design featured a unique lie angle balance (LAB) concept, which aimed to optimize weight distribution and enhance the putter’s stability and performance. The LAB design became the cornerstone of L.A.B Golf’s putter technology and set the brand apart from traditional putter designs.

Growth and Recognition in the Golf Industry

As golfers experienced the benefits of the Directed Force putters, L.A.B Golf gained recognition within the golf industry. The brand’s commitment to innovation, performance, and precision garnered attention and accolades from both professionals and amateurs alike. L.A.B Golf putters have become sought-after tools for golfers looking to improve their putting performance and consistency.

Directed Force Putters

L.A.B Golf’s Directed Force putters are known for their innovative design and unique technology. These putters have been meticulously engineered to optimize performance and help golfers achieve a more consistent and effective putting stroke.

Technology and Innovation

Lie Angle Balance Design

The cornerstone of the Directed Force putters is the lie angle balance (LAB) design. Traditional putters are typically face-balanced or have a slight toe hang. In contrast, L.A.B Golf putters are designed with a specific lie angle that places the center of gravity in line with the shaft axis, optimizing weight distribution. This LAB design promotes a more stable and consistent stroke, reducing the tendency for the putter face to twist during the stroke.

Optimal Weight Distribution

L.A.B Golf putters feature an optimal weight distribution achieved through precise weight placement and strategic use of materials. By carefully positioning the weight, L.A.B Golf achieves a balance that enhances stability and forgiveness. The weight distribution contributes to a smoother putting stroke and improved overall performance.

Benefits and Performance Features

Enhanced Stability and Consistency

The LAB design of L.A.B Golf putters enhances stability throughout the putting stroke. By aligning the center of gravity with the shaft axis, these putters reduce the effects of torque and twisting, resulting in a more stable face angle at impact. This stability allows golfers to achieve a more consistent and reliable roll, even on off-center strikes.

Improved Alignment and Accuracy

The Directed Force putters also excel in alignment and accuracy. The unique design features and weight distribution promote a more square and aligned impact position. Golfers can benefit from improved alignment, reducing the chances of misalignment and increasing accuracy on their putts.

L.A.B Golf Putter Models

L.A.B Golf offers a range of putter models that cater to different putting preferences and styles. Each model incorporates the innovative Directed Force technology, providing golfers with the performance benefits associated with L.A.B Golf putters.

DF 2.1 Putter

The DF 2.1 putter is the flagship model of L.A.B Golf. It features a blade-style design with the distinctive LAB technology. The DF 2.1 putter offers golfers a classic look combined with the performance-enhancing features of the Directed Force putter line. This model provides excellent stability, consistency, and alignment, making it a popular choice among golfers seeking a traditional putter design with modern performance benefits.

DF 2.1 Armlock Putter

The DF 2.1 Armlock putter is designed for golfers who prefer the armlock putting technique. This putter model incorporates a specific shaft and grip configuration that allows golfers to lock their lead forearm against the putter shaft for a more stable and repeatable stroke. The DF 2.1 Armlock putter combines the benefits of the LAB technology with the armlock technique, providing golfers with enhanced stability and control during their putting stroke.

DF 2.1 Lefty Putter

L.A.B Golf understands the importance of providing options for left-handed golfers. The DF 2.1 Lefty putter offers the same performance benefits as its right-handed counterparts. With the LAB technology and optimal weight distribution, left-handed golfers can experience the stability, consistency, and alignment advantages of the Directed Force putters.

Customization Options

L.A.B Golf recognizes the value of customization and offers various customization options for its putters. Golfers can choose different hosel configurations, grip options, and shaft lengths to suit their preferences and individual putting stroke. These customization options allow golfers to personalize their L.A.B Golf putter, ensuring optimal performance and comfort.

L.A.B Golf Fitting Process

A proper putter fitting is essential to maximize performance and improve putting consistency. L.A.B Golf emphasizes the importance of fitting and offers a comprehensive fitting process to ensure golfers are paired with the ideal putter for their game.

Importance of Putter Fitting

Putter fitting allows golfers to find a putter that suits their unique stroke characteristics, body measurements, and personal preferences. An optimized putter can help golfers achieve better alignment, consistency, and confidence on the greens. L.A.B Golf recognizes that a well-fit putter can make a significant difference in a golfer’s ability to sink putts and improve their overall scoring.

L.A.B Golf Fitting Philosophy

L.A.B Golf’s fitting philosophy revolves around analyzing a golfer’s stroke dynamics, aiming tendencies, and impact patterns. This process involves using advanced technologies such as high-speed cameras, launch monitors, and SAM PuttLab systems to capture critical data points. By gathering and analyzing this data, L.A.B Golf’s fitting experts can recommend the appropriate putter model, specifications, and customization options to optimize performance.

Benefits of Custom Fitting with L.A.B Golf

Custom fitting with L.A.B Golf offers golfers several benefits, including:

  • Improved alignment and accuracy: A properly fit L.A.B Golf putter can enhance alignment and help golfers consistently square the putter face at impact, leading to more accurate putts.
  • Enhanced stability and consistency: The Directed Force technology, combined with personalized fitting, promotes a more stable putting stroke and greater consistency in both distance control and directional accuracy.
  • Increased confidence: Golfers who undergo a custom fitting experience gain confidence knowing that their putter has been tailored to their stroke, preferences, and individual needs.

L.A.B Golf Accessories

In addition to its range of putters, L.A.B Golf offers a selection of accessories designed to complement and enhance the overall putting experience.


L.A.B Golf provides a variety of grip options to suit golfers’ preferences and grip styles. The grips are designed to offer a comfortable and secure hold, allowing golfers to maintain control and feel throughout their putting stroke. Choosing the right grip can further optimize the performance and feel of a L.A.B Golf putter.


L.A.B Golf offers headcovers that not only protect the putter but also add a touch of style to the golfer’s bag. These headcovers are designed with durability in mind and feature designs that reflect the L.A.B Golf brand aesthetic.

Apparel and Merchandise

L.A.B Golf extends its brand beyond equipment to include apparel and merchandise. Golfers can represent L.A.B Golf on and off the course with branded clothing, headwear, and other accessories. These products showcase the L.A.B Golf logo and provide golfers with an opportunity to align themselves with the brand’s commitment to performance and innovation.

L.A.B Golf Tour Players

L.A.B Golf putters have gained recognition and endorsement from professional golfers who compete at the highest levels of the game.

Professional Golfers using L.A.B Golf Putters

L.A.B Golf boasts a growing roster of professional golfers who trust and rely on their putters in tournament play. These players recognize the performance benefits offered by L.A.B Golf putters and have achieved success while using them on the greens.

Success and Achievements with L.A.B Golf Putters

Professional golfers using L.A.B Golf putters have achieved notable success, including tournament victories, top finishes, and improved putting statistics. Their accomplishments serve as a testament to the performance and reliability of L.A.B Golf putters in competitive golf environments.

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L.A.B Golf has established itself as a prominent brand in the golf industry, thanks to its innovative Directed Force putters. These putters offer golfers enhanced stability, improved alignment, and greater consistency on the greens. With a range of models, customization options, and a comprehensive fitting process, L.A.B Golf ensures that golfers can find a putter tailored to their stroke and preferences. The success of professional golfers using L.A.B Golf putters further validates the brand’s commitment to performance and innovation. Elevate your putting game with L.A.B Golf and experience the benefits of a properly fit and technologically advanced putter.


What is the history of L.A.B Golf?

L.A.B Golf was founded in 2013 with the goal of revolutionizing putter design and improving performance on the greens. The brand gained recognition with the introduction of its Directed Force putters and has since become known for its innovative technology and commitment to performance.

What is the Directed Force (DF) putter?

The Directed Force (DF) putter is a line of putters from L.A.B Golf that features a unique lie angle balance (LAB) design. This design optimizes weight distribution and stability, providing golfers with enhanced consistency and improved alignment on the greens.

How do L.A.B Golf putters benefit golfers?

L.A.B Golf putters offer several benefits, including enhanced stability, improved alignment, and greater consistency in distance control and directional accuracy. The Directed Force technology and personalized fitting process contribute to these performance advantages.

Can L.A.B Golf putters be customized?

Yes, L.A.B Golf putters can be customized to suit golfers’ preferences and stroke characteristics. Customization options may include different hosel configurations, grip choices, and shaft lengths. Personalizing a L.A.B Golf putter ensures optimal performance and comfort for individual golfers.

Which professional golfers use L.A.B Golf putters?

L.A.B Golf putters have gained recognition and endorsement from professional golfers competing at the highest levels. Notable tour players trust and rely on L.A.B Golf putters in tournament play, showcasing the performance benefits of these putters in competitive environments.

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