5 Best Golf Clubs Left Handed


Greetings, fellow golf enthusiasts! I’m Ronald Paul, a golfer with more than 5 years of experience and a collection of prestigious golf awards. Over the years, I’ve chronicled my golfing journey on the NVM Golf blog, sharing my experiences, insights, and knowledge with fellow golfers. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to the most valuable information any left-handed golfer can have – the best golf clubs left handed tailored to our unique needs.

1. Callaway Golf Paradym Driver – Left Handed Driver

Power and Precision in My Hands

When it comes to drivers, there’s one name that consistently stands out – Callaway. The Callaway Golf Paradym Driver is a true masterpiece, and as a left-handed golfer, I can attest to its exceptional performance. Crafted with precision engineering, this driver is designed to maximize distance and accuracy off the tee.

Callaway Golf Paradym Driver - Left Handed Driver

Key Features:

  • Forged Titanium Face: The clubface is made of forged titanium, ensuring durability and incredible ball speed upon impact.
  • Jailbreak Technology: Callaway’s patented Jailbreak technology stiffens the body of the driver, promoting more energy transfer to the ball for longer drives.
  • Adjustable Loft and Weight: With the adjustable loft and weight settings, I can fine-tune my launch angle and shot shape, giving me the control I need to tackle any course.

With the Callaway Golf Paradym Driver in my bag, I always step up to the tee with confidence, knowing that I have the power and precision to take on any challenge.

2. Callaway XR Complete Golf Club Set – Left Handed Golf Club Set

My Complete Left-Handed Golfing Solution

As someone who takes golf seriously, I understand the importance of having the right equipment. That’s why I can’t recommend the Callaway XR Complete Golf Club Set enough. This comprehensive set has been a game-changer for me, providing everything I need to elevate my game, from tee to green.

Key Components:

  • Driver and Fairway Woods: The XR Driver and Fairway Woods are my go-to clubs for getting off the tee with precision.
  • Irons and Hybrids: With versatile iron and hybrid clubs, I’m always ready for various situations on the course.
  • Putter: The included high-quality putter has helped me master the greens, making those crucial putts.
  • Stylish Bag: Carrying my clubs in the included stand bag not only keeps them organized but also adds a touch of style to my game.

With the XR Complete Golf Club Set, I have a complete range of clubs at my disposal, giving me the edge I need to excel on the golf course.

3. Ping G430 Hybrid – Left Handed Hybrid

Versatility Meets Performance in My Game

Hybrid clubs have revolutionized golf, and the Ping G430 Hybrid is a shining example of their effectiveness. As a left-handed golfer seeking versatility and forgiveness, I’ve found my perfect companion in this club.

Ping G430 Hybrid - Left Handed Hybrid

Outstanding Features:

  • Maraging Steel Face: The maraging steel face offers excellent ball speed and distance, allowing me to reach those challenging greens in regulation.
  • Low and Back CG: The low and back center of gravity promotes high launch and forgiveness, helping me navigate tricky fairway lies with ease.
  • Adjustable Loft: With the adjustable loft sleeve, I can customize my shot trajectory to match the course conditions.

The G430 Hybrid of PING has become my go-to club when I need to escape challenging lies and navigate the fairways with confidence.

4. Cleveland RTX Zipcore Wedge – Left Handed Golf Wedges

Precision Scoring for My Short Game

They say that the short game is where championships are won, and I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I trust the RTX Zipcore Wedge of Cleveland to help me excel in this crucial aspect of the game. These wedges are engineered for precision and control around the greens.

Cleveland RTX Zipcore Wedge - Left Handed Golf Wedges

Key Advantages:

  • UltiZip Grooves: The UltiZip grooves provide maximum spin and control on approach shots and around the greens, ensuring I can get close to the pin.
  • Heat Treatment: The heat-treated face enhances durability and consistency, meaning my wedges perform consistently even after countless rounds.
  • Multiple Grind Options: With various grind options, I can choose the one that matches my playing style and the specific course conditions.

With the Cleveland RTX Zipcore Wedge in my bag, I have the confidence to attack pins and get up and down from any lie, no matter how challenging.

5. Scotty Cameron Super Select Delmar Putter – Left Handed Putter

Mastering the Greens in Style

Putting is an art, and the Scotty Cameron Super Select Delmar Putter is the brush that allows me to create my masterpiece on the greens. Known for their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, Scotty Cameron putters have earned their place in the hearts of golfers worldwide.

Scotty Cameron Super Select Delmar Putter - Left Handed Putter

Putter Highlights:

  • Precision Milled Face: The precision milled face ensures a consistent roll and unmatched distance control on those crucial putts.
  • Multi-Material Construction: The multi-material construction optimizes weight distribution, enhancing feel and overall putting performance.
  • Sleek Design: The Delmar putter boasts a sleek, eye-catching design that not only performs but also turns heads on the green.

Putting is where the scores are settled, and the Scotty Cameron Super Select Delmar Putter helps me do it with style and precision.


As a left-handed golfer, I know the struggle of finding clubs that match my skill and dedication to the game. However, with the right equipment in my bag, I can tackle any course and improve my performance. The best golf clubs left handed – the Callaway Golf Paradym Driver, Callaway XR Complete Golf Club Set, Ping G430 Hybrid, Cleveland RTX Zipcore Wedge, and Scotty Cameron Super Select Delmar Putter – are the top choices for left-handed golfers like me. So, gear up, hit the fairways, and make your mark as a left-handed golfer!


Can right-handed golfers use left-handed clubs?

No, golf clubs are specifically designed for either right-handed (RH) or left-handed (LH) players. Using clubs that don’t match your dominant hand can severely impact your game.

Are left-handed clubs more expensive than right-handed ones?

In most cases, left-handed clubs are not more expensive than their right-handed counterparts. However, availability can be more limited, so it’s essential to shop at reputable golf stores or online retailers that cater to left-handed golfers.

Do professional golfers use left-handed clubs?

Professional golfers use clubs that match their dominant hand. If a golfer is left-handed, they will use left-handed clubs. Golfers at the professional level rely on equipment that offers them the utmost comfort and control to compete at the highest level.

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